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A cozy atmosphere, a gorgeous table, soft music, smiling faces, peaceful chatter, loud laughter… All these pleasant sensations combine with the first mouthful. Festive feelings, a great mood, time stops… it’s impossible to forget such a fabulous occasion!

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MAISTO KALVĖ – the highest level in entertainment and party service. Many years of experience and desire for perfection enable us to create both a sophisticated elegance and a satisfying feast.

The name MAISTO KALVĖ (Food Forge) reveals that we seek to create a perfect masterpiece. A smith’s work has always required the skill and warmth of hands, imagination and resourcefulness. That’s why we collaborate with the best restaurant chefs in Lithuania who have also accumulated experience in other countries.

We will always carefully consider your expectations and the smallest details. Flexibility and creativity are our exclusive features that will help your dreams come true. We offer you special attention, a fair price-performance ratio, especially in the food, professional service and, of course, priceless experience. After all, every blacksmith’s work is unique. Find out for yourselves!

Yours sincerely,
“Maisto Kalvė” team