Vegan dishes

Cold starters:

  1. Vegetable and asparagus terrine with sun-dried tomatoe mousse, served with cashew nuts and basil sauce
  2. Mushroom paste, pickled cucumber tartare with pickled shimeji mushrooms, garlic bread, cranberry cream, cashew parmesan, dried olives and pickled fennel

Hot dishes:

  1. Royal Tofu cheese and italian truffle Strudel with organic coconut milk, cocoa butter and pine nuts sauce
  2. Piquant corn – cheese pie with coriander and Pepita sauce
  3. Pan fried Italian Gnocchi, served nwith pumpkin and nut-sage sauce
  4. Pumpkin stew with almonds, walnuts and Kale salad, flavored with Parmesan
  5. Purple Gnocchi with fried roasted shitaki mushroom, potato chips, silky Tofu cheese, truffle puree and fresh berries
  6. Mushroom tartare with Oyster mushroom, served with colored pearl couscous, flavored with eggplant puree and pesto sauce with lemongrass
  7. Kynva gratin with asparagus and chanterelles, wakame sea salad and organic coconut milk sauce
  8. Portobello mushroom in its juice, served with various grill vegetables
  9. Vegetable stew with coconut milk and chia seeds
  10. Corn Tofu cheesecake with Pepita sauce
  11. Lentil stew in potato with cashew cheese
  12. Vegan cabbage rolls stuffed with vegetables, served with Pesto sauce