Hot dishes


  1. Duck leg confit served with black lentils and vegetable ratatouille


  1. Baby lamb shank braised in red wine with mashed potatoes and pan fried balsamic essence infused beetroot dusted with coarse seasalt
  2. Venison steak, served with red wine-cranberry sauce and potatoes wedges
  3. Venison stroganoff served with potato puree and vegetable ratatouille


  1. Soft pork neck marinated with herbs, served with red wine sauce, potato and cheese pie, tomatoes marinated with balsamic and blue onion rings
  2. Pork fillet “Towers” served with potato puree, fried forest mushroom and classic “demi – glace” sauce
  3. Pork loin roll with vegetable and smoked bacon filling, served with layered potato pie and boletus-rosemary sauce
  4. Sous vide pork served with eggplant puree, roasted fennel, Oyster mushroom and fennel seeds
  5. Marinated pork neck medallions with classic demi – glace sauce and fried potato wedges with caraway


  1. Turkey rolls with spinach and cheese filling, served with polenta or carrot-celery purée
  2. Turkey fillet with Serrano ham, couscous barley and sage
  3. Vištienos filė sruogos patiekiamos su daržovių kuskuso ir špinatų-grietinėlės padažu
  4. Chicken fillet roll stuffed cheese,spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, served with potatoe – carrot puree (оr potatoe & cheese gratin) and and soy-cream sauce
  5. Chicken fillet rolls with cheese-vegetable filling in cold-smoked bacon shell served with corn polenta and sauce
  6. Chicken “Coq au vin” served with celery-potato puree and vegetables
  7. Chicken stew with boletus, Provence herbs, served with mashed potatoes
  8. Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes served with basmati rice
  9. Chicken fillet roll stuffed with boletus and Golden Schmidt cheese, served with corn polenta
  10. Chicken fillet roll stuffed with cheese and broccoli, served with steamed asparagus, fried potatoes, white wine-cream sauce
  11. Chicken breast stuffed with boletus and bacon served with basmati rice


  1. Beef Filet Mignon served with butter fried boletus, fries, spinach and classic demi-glace sauce
  2. Sous vide veal served with eggplant purée, Vichyssoise sauce, fried fennel, Oyster mushroom and red wine-cream sauce


  1. Norwegian salmon fillet steak with kish Loren pie and spinach sauce
  2. Lightly fried and marinated salmon, served with edamame beans, shimeji mushrooms Vichyssoise sauce
  3. Halibut fillet with, served with potato-celery muslin, asparagus and white wine-saffron sauce
  4. Hallibut fillet rolls, served with risotto and Hollandaise sauce
  5. Halibut fillet, served with green peas, potato puree and boletus-cream sauce
  6. Halibut fillet roll stuffed with zucchini served with king prawn, potato-green pea purée and Bechamel sauce
  7. Halibut fillet with crayfish tails, served with pearl barley – vegetable ratatouille and white wine – saffron sauce
  8. Zander fillet, served with green pea-potato purée, asparagus, white wine-saffron sauce and lemon mousse
  9. Zander fillet, served with patato-celery pusée, asparagus and lemon mousse
  10. Zander twisted with salmon, served with fried pumpkin and spinach
  11. Zander fillet served with Jerusalem artichoke muslin, shimeji mushroom,edamame beans and basil sauce
  12. Zander fillet, served with quinoa, pickled mini vegetables and fish-anise sauce
  13. Filo dough basket stuffed with pearl couscous, King prawns, chicken, spinach and blue mold cheese-cream sauc
  14. Sea scallops served with cauliflower purée, mini vegetables, red caviar and balsamic sauce
  15. Sea scallop with rucola and red caviar
  16. Royal shrimps with seaweed salad
  17. Flounder fillet rolls with caper sauce and potato – carrot purée

Vegetarian dishes:

  1. Boiled potato dumplings stuffed with two types of cheese and spinach, served with butter-cream sauce
  2. Fried eggplant slices with stewed vegetables ratatouille and cheese                                                 
  3. Royal goat cheese and italian truffle Strudel with organic coconut milk, cocoa butter and pine nuts sauce
  4. Purple Gnocchi with fried roasted shitaki mushroom, potato chips, silky goat cheese, truffle puree and fresh berries


  1. Grilled salmon fillet steaks
  2. Grilled tuna fillet steak
  3. Grilled hallibut fillet in foil
  4. Pork neck shashlik
  5. Pork ribs
  6. Beef Lula kebab wrap
  7. Chicken thighs shashlik
  8. Grilled beef steaks
  9. Grilled venison steak
  10. King prawn skewers
  11. Grilled octopus