1. Fresh vegetable salad with gently salted salmon fillet, shrimp, mozzarella cheese and pickled olives
  2. Seasonal vegetable salad with smoked turkey breast, peaches and Provence herbs
  3. Rucola salad with avocado, king prawns and Provence herb dressing
  4. Frisee and rucola salad with Greek feta cheese, dried cherry tomatoes and light sauce
  5. Nice salad with saffron fries, quail egg, tuna pieces and mustard sauce
  6. Greek salad with feta cheese, blue onion rings, pickled capers, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and clear balsamic sauce with herbs
  7. Crab meat salad with cheese, egg, fresh cucumber and mayonnaise-herb sauce
  8. Milanese salad with celery, ham, cheese, sweet & sour apples and mayonnaise-mustard sauce
  9. Salad with pickles, boiled potatoes, herbs, chunks of ham and sauce
  10. Goat cheese salad with caramelized beets, rucola leaves and balsamic sauce
  11. Italian mozzarella cheese salad with cherry tomatoes, black olives and basil pesto sauce
  12. Rucola salad with sun-dried tomatoes, grapefruit slices and parmesan cheese chips
  13. Glass noodle salad with pickled algae, strips of fresh cucumber, lightly fried squid, king prawns, sesame seeds and Japanese sauce
  14. Celery-apple salad with dried apricots and natural yogurt
  15. Smoked salmon fillet with honey-mustard sauce and fresh lettuce leaves
  16. Rucola and Lollo Rosso salad with marinated and roasted beef, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan cheese
  17. Crispy bacon salad with cherry tomatoes, seasonal salad leaves and herb dressing
  18. Caesar salad with fried chicken breast or crunchy bacon, anchovy sauce, quail eggs and parmesan cheese chips
  19. Green lentil salad with pickles, slices of ham and clear herb dressing
  20. Seasonal vegetable salad with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sprouted grains and honey-mustard sauce
  21. Blue mold cheese salad with caramelized pear, mache leaves and roasted cashew nuts
  22. Romaine salad with dried “serrano” ham slices, boiled potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and pickled olives
  23. Smoked duck salad with green grapes, rucola and sweet & sour honey sauce
  24. Beef tongue salad with boiled potatoes, quail egg, pickled peas and horseradish sauce
  25. Smoked chicken salad with egg, pickled corn and leeks, served with mayonnaise-herb sauce
  26. Seafood salad with passion fruit mousse
  27. Duck confit salad with Džiugas cheese and honey-mustard sauce
  28. Royal shrimps with seaweed salad
  29. Rucola salad with avocado, royal shrimp and provence herb sauce
  30. Traditional Lithuanian salad

Vegan salads:

  1. Vitamin Salad: wild Kale cabbage, grated carrot, organic Tahitian, chopped cashews. Sauce: Maple syrup or honey and lime juice with Himalayan salt
  2. Fresh sprouts salad: sunflower seedlings, sprouted mung beans or sprouted lentils, pomegranate, avocado, lightly roasted sunflower seeds, orange sauce
  3. Vegan Caesar with mushroom