Banquets and buffets

A MAISTO KALVĖ banquet – this is a feast that blends fantasy, precision and luxury. We seek to create a festive and elegant atmosphere. That’s why before organizing a banquet we always think about even the smallest details. We care about the table decorations, festive accessories, name cards, flowers and that everything is composed ingeniously into your event space. Of course, the main attraction of the banquet is the tempting dishes…

We will make a menu according to your personal needs and wishes. We will do our best to offer you food diversity, but also impressive artistic expression. Appropriate wines will help to highlight the tastes of various dishes. With extensive experience in organizing celebrations and the knowledge we’ve gained in food and wine harmonization, we are ready to recommend the type of wine that best matches your choice of food.

A luxuriously delicate morsel melts in your mouth, an elegant glass of wine, fun, faces bursting with a perfect mood – this is the beginning of an unforgettable experience!

For refreshment we offer unique homemade soft drinks. If you decide to take advantage of the warm summer weather, we will take care of all the necessary equipment for a buffet and outdoor tents, and tables with exceptional dishes. Arriving guests are always greeted by the pleasant and welcoming smile of the service staff, inviting them to relax and plunge into the carefree atmosphere a small but perfect MAISTO KALVĖ world.