1. Lingonberry dessert with cheese cream mousse and crispy biscuit
  2. Meringues
  3. Classic cheesecake with fresh berries
  4. Mint cake with chocolate chips
  5. Mini cake with ricotta cheese and fresh strawberries
  6. Chocolate truffle with brandy and goldеn dust
  7. Coconut truffle
  8. Lime- flavored cheesecake and chocolate cake duo
  9. Macarons
  10. Canelés
  11. Chocolate pudding
  12. Apple pie with cinnamon and mint
  13. Curd donuts with vanilla cream and cinnamon
  14. Blueberry – raspberry skewer with fruit cream
  15. Strawberry in chocolate with lime chips
  16. Panna cotta dessert with red orange puree
  17. Lime flavor cheese cake
  18. Chocolate cake

Vegan deserts:

  1. Orange sorbet flavored with Cointreau liqueur served in orange peel
  2. Forest berry sorbet flavored with blackcurrant liqueur
  3. Coconut milk pudding with chia seeds
  4. Seed and date baskets with passion fruit mousse
  5. Cheesecake cupcakes