Cold appetizers


  1. Duck marinated in honey stuffed with apples and pears
  2. Marble pate with duck fillet pieces, seasoned with Provence herbs and brandy
  3. Duck confit on chicory leaf with fresh grapefruit and peaches


  1. Roe deer carpaccio with jumbo capers and parmesan cheese


  1. Rabbit terrine with duck liver pâté and carrot – vanilla mousse


  1. Roasted baby pig
  2. Fried pork ham with bone, marinated in brandy with Provence herbs, served with demi-glace lingonberry sauce and pears cooked in wine
  3. Marinated pork neck with crispy puff pastry
  4. Pork terrine


  1. Stuffed chicken with apricots / with raisins / with chocolate / with  pistachio
  2. Homemade roast goose stuffed with apples and pears
  3. Homemade chicken terrine stuffed with walnuts
  4. Chicken terrine
  5. Turkey rolls with vegetables
  6. Turkey mousse in wine jelly

Fish / Seafood:

  1. Stuffed carp
  2. Carp in beetroot jelly
  3. Stuffed salmon
  4. Steamed salmon stuffed with spinach
  5. Steamed Argentinian salmon served with white wine sauce and flying fish caviar
  6. Tomato carpaccio with herring and savory salad
  7. Rich herring fillet with boletus
  8. Rich herring fillet with dried boletus
  9. Rich herring fillet with fried carrots and onions
  10. Fried zander in beer dough
  11. Zander mousse in Savoy cabbage
  12. Fried squid rings
  13. Gravlax salmon (marinated with brandy and beetroot)
  14. Smoked salmon rolls with cheese cream flavored with herbs, served with pea cream and burnt cucumbers


  1. Beef roast beef with Teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds
  2. Boiled beef tongue with horseradish – mayonnaise sauce


  1. Cheese – broccoli terrine with light creamy sauce and herbs
  2. Beetroot carpaccio with pine nuts
  3. Vegetable and asparagus terrine with sun-dried tomatoe mousse, served with cashew nuts and basil sauce


  1. Atlantic sea scallops with beetroot puree, asparagus and flying fish caviar flavored with truffle oil
  2. Royal shrimp “Flambe” with seaweed salad
  3. Royal goat cheese and italian truffle Strudel with organic coconut milk, cocoa butter and pine nuts sauce
  4. Creamy boletus soup with truffle oil
  5. Creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup is served with royal shrimp and lemon mousse
  6. Creamy pumpkin soup flavored with orange juice, served with toasted pumpkin seeds
  7. Flounder roll served with potato-carrot muslin and caper sauce
  8. Forest mushroom pate



  1. Chicken liver Parfait served with peach jelly, five spice bread, anise marinated apple, blackcurrant Coulis and celery


  1. Pistachio dusted Foie – gras with smoked duck fillet served with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries
  2. Foie – gras with fig carpaccio and fresh figs


  1. Veal roast beef with soft tuna mousse


  1. Beef carpaccio with parmesan chips and jumbo capers, flavored with truffle oil


  1. Rabbit terrine with duck liver pate and carrot – vanilla mousse

Fish / Seafood:

  1. Kamchatka crab meat with Rose sauce, red caviar, green pea-mint spiral, dill mayonnaise, sweet corn sauce and smoked paprika
  2. TRIO of Kamchatka crab, caramelized eel and shrimp donut, served with anise marinated apple, dill mayonnaise, carrot-Cointreau puree and radish-mint spiral
  3. Smoked eel with buttermilk jelly, bread crumbs, pickled radish, radish sprouts flavored with dill mayonnaise and coral Tuile
  4. Shrimp carpaccio with red caviar and passion fruit mousse
  5. Shrimp carpaccio with mango, ginger and passion fruit mousse
  6. Tuna tataki with avocado Tapenade and orange-mustard emulsion
  7. Fresh tuna tartare served with capers, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic bulbs and sesame seeds
  8. Salmon carpaccio with passion fruit, mango and ginger
  9. Salted salmon fillet rolls stuffed with cheese cream, wrapped in spinach shell, served with parsley Pesto sauce, anchovy mayonnaise and coconut caviar
  10. Gently salted salmon fillet with avocado and Kalamata olives tartar and pickled apples
  11. Smoked salmon rolls stuffed with cheese cream, served with green peas cream and burned cucumbers
  12. Smoked eel with Foie-gras, caramelized apples, served with blackcurrant caviar and apple cream
  13. Zander mousse in Savoy cabbage, served with lettuce and beetroot or fresh vegetables
  14. Slow-cooked squid tentacles served with mustard-orange essence and saffron fries


  1. Burrata cheese is served with multicolored cherry tomatoes, basil sponge, pine nuts and pesto sauce
  2. Stracciatella cheese with burned cucumber, basil sponge and blanched asparagus
  3. Blue mold cheese salad with caramelized pear, lettuce leaves, pea sprouts and roasted cashew nuts