One bite sandwiches


  1. Profiterole with duck liver pate and orange jam
  2. Duck liver pate on fruity bread with fig jam
  3. Mini pear with duck mousse and parmesan cheese chips
  4. “Foie gras” with smoked duck fillet and raspberry jam
  5. “Foie gras” on fruity bread with orange-ginger jam
  6. Duck confit with sweet and sour sauce on chicory leaf
  7. Crunchy baskets with duck fillet and caramelized onions
  8. Smoked duck fillet with caramelized pineapple and fresh grapefruit


  1. Dried venison with cherry – port wine
  2. Game meat terrine on fruity bread with orange jam
  3. Game meat terrine with onion marinated in balsamic
  4. Roe deer fillet “bite” with mini pear and blue mold cheese


  1. Hot smoking pork fillet roll with cheese cream and herbs
  2. Pork terrine on grainy bread with jumbo caper
  3. Hot smoking bacon roll with vegetable skewer
  4. Serano ham skewer with melon, parmesan and basil
  5. Pork fillet, boletus – truffle cream and toast
  6. Pork fillet with roast beetroot and fresh peas sprouts
  7. Mini sandwich with dried ham and pickle
  8. Asparagus wrapped in Serano ham slice
  9. Crispy grissini stick with Serano ham strips


  1. Chicken breast skewer with sesame and “rose” sauce
  2. Tortilla roll with teriyaki chicken and crispy salad
  3. Chicken terrine on grainy bread with herbs and cherry tomato
  4. Profiteroles with liver pate and duck slices


  1. Beef tongue roll with “vitello-tonnato” sauce
  2. Beef tongue roll with vegetable skewer
  3. Roast beef with Roquefort mold cheese and green asparagus
  4. Beef tartare with capares on crispy bread with Congo potatoe chips
  5. Baked eggplant – tongue roll with horseradish sauce
  6. Beef tartare wrapped in sushi nori leave


  1. Profiterole with salted salmon and “Tar-tar” sauce
  2. Smoked eel and foie-gras snack with apple pureе
  3. Smoked eel and fresh cucumber snack
  4. Smoked eel with quail egg and red salmon caviar
  5. Profiterole with paprika eskalibada and anchovies
  6. Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and anchovies
  7. Salmon tartare wrapped in sushi nori leave, with dried tomato-pesto sauce
  8. Salmon tartare with pesto sauce on toasted bread
  9. Salted salmon fillet with quail egg and red salmon caviar on toast
  10. Tortilla roll with salmon and crispy salad
  11. Marinated salmon cube with green peas – mint cream
  12. Salted salmon roll with cheese cream
  13. Mini sandwich with salted salmon, quail egg and herb butter on crispy bread
  14. Marinated fresh tuna cube in sesame with seaweed
  15. Tuna tataki with Pesto sauce and Jerusalem artichoke chips
  16. Tuna tataki with artichokes
  17. Tuna tartare wrapped in sushi nori leave
  18. Fresh tuna rolls with shrimps – cheese cream
  19. Fresh tuna tartare wrapped in sushi nori leave with Japanese sauce
  20. Fresh tuna tartare with capers, dried tomatoes, onions and sesame seeds
  21. Herring fillet on grainy bread with boletus cream and herbs
  22. Herring fillet pieces with marinated beetroot and potatoe


  1. Mini octopus skewer with saffron potato and sun-dried tomatoes
  2. Mini octopus skewer with sun-dried tomatoes and passion fruit
  3. Seafood ceviche with avocado sauce
  4. Shrimp donut with chili sauce
  5. Royal shrimp in “Kataifi” with sweet chili sauce
  6. Shrimp in tempura with Tadziki sauce
  7. Shrimp – cheese truffle in a herb shell on a toast


  1. 3 kinds of cheese truffle in almond shavings
  2. Cheese truffle in pistachio dust
  3. Profiterole with two-cheese cream
  4. Profiterole with eggplant and Brie cheese mousse, seasoned with herbs
  5. Watermelon and feta cheese skewer with basil
  6. Mozzarella – cherry tomato skewer with Pesto sauce
  7. Paradise apple-mozzarella skewer
  8. Cheese – mushroom skewer with olives
  9. Brie cheese “bite” with walnut and cracker
  10. Fresh cucumber cube stuffed with feta cheese with “tapenade” sauce
  11. Blue mold cheese “bite” with grape and cracker
  12. Mini pear with cheese truffle
  13. Fried eggplant roll with curd, walnuts and greens
  14. Crispy basket with celery, spinach and “Dziugas” cheese
  15. Grilled zucchini roll with mint and goat cheese
  16. Profiteroles with Spanish grilled peppers and olive cream
  17. Date is stuffed with savory curd cream
  18. Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and blue mold cheese
  19. Bruschetta with forest mushroom and pine nuts
  20. Bruschetta with paprika Muhamara and caramelized carrots
  21. Bruschetta with avocado – tomatoe salsa
  22. Bruschetta with tomato salsa


  1. Filo basket stuffed avocado – olives mousse, Italian truffles and fresh mango
  2. Beetroot mousse with pine nuts on grainy bread
  3. Seed basket with paprika Muhamara (peppers, walnuts and sun-dried tomato mousse)
  4. Vegetable sticks with guacamole
  5. Cauliflower bite with pistachio nuts and greens
  6. Crispy rolls with vegetables and sweet chili sauce
  7. Fresh grape in cashew nuts mousse and pistachio dust
  8. Seed basket with humus
  9. Seed basket wuth moshroom pate
  10. Roasted zucchini with silky Tofu cheese
  11. Potatoe basket with eggplant mousse
  12. Big olives stuffed with vegan cheese with crispy flaxseed and spelt flour